About us

Polish Language Tutors B.R. International

  • Founder and owner: Barbara Ryży.
  • Established — in 2003.
  • Cooperates — with Polish philology university graduate tutors, additional post-graduate training in the methodology of teaching Polish culture and Polish as a foreign language.
  • Range of activity — Warsaw, Kraków [individual courses outside of Poland are available upon request]
Tour in Warsaw
  • Philosophy — the learning process needs to be attractive for both student and tutor. Don’t bore yourself and, above all, make sure the student isn’t bored! Learning based on the personality of the student. He plays first fiddle in a chamber music concert called lesson with a tutor that supports, coaches, stimulates, and draws out and develops the student’s interest and abilities.
  • Target group — anybody interested in learning the Polish language, about the country and about the potential of the Polish market.
  • Place of meetings/lessons — in the convenience of your office or in the privacy of your home. Currently, due to the pandemic threat, lessons are held online until further notice.

Polish Language Tutors B.R. International has enjoyed the privilege of working in partnership with members of the business, professionals or student community. We find this style of working very satisfying, and it can offer you all the passion and enthusiasm that goes with our commitment to it.