General Programme

The General Programme is designed to meet international teaching standards.  It is offered at three levels:  Threshold, First Certificate and Proficiency.  For beginners we offer Survival Polish.

The General Programme develops communication skills right from the start.  It uses speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to enrich the vocabulary and grammatical  knowledge.   The lesson’s subjects are related to everyday situations bring the culture information about Poland and Poles as well as facilitate the practical use of Polish language.

Our annual courses start in the beginning of October and last until the end of June.

Sessions last either 90 or 60 minutes each, twice a week.  They can take place either in the client’s office or in the client’s home.

Individual Programme

This tailor-made programme is fully adapted to the client’s needs, specific purposes, and interests, and is  particularly useful for someone who wants to make rapid progress in a short time.

In this programme we concentrate on improving your general knowledge of Polish as well as practicing selected language skills and extending the relevant specialist vocabulary.

It is also possible to prepare for the National Certification Exam in the Polish Language.

The individual programme is the one most often used by directors, managers, diplomats, translators, teachers, and students.

The time and place of the sessions are adjusted to meet the client’s needs.

Special Programme

The special programme is a short but intensive course covering the Polish language, history and culture in a series of walks and sightseeing tours of Warsaw.

This programme can take place over one, two or three days. Each four hour module makes up a separate subject unit and can also be chosen optionally.

Courses Abroad

Polish language individual tuition abroad.